Why is Cosmetic Surgery So Popular in 2020?

Why is cosmetic surgery so popular in 2020? You’ve probably heard people talking about this procedure or that treatment. What makes 2020 so special in that regard? Well, it’s possible there are several prominent reasons that cosmetic surgery has enjoyed this surge in popularity. We look at a few possibilities.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Booming in 2020?

Cosmetic surgery procedures are breaking records. Every year, more and more patients want to undergo the latest procedures, from Botox to Coolsculpting to Kybella and everything in between. While cosmetic surgery procedures have always been popular to a degree, this new rush towards anti-aging is even surprising the experts.

So what is it about cosmetic surgery that’s driving this popularity in 2020? There are several factors that have led to an increase in cosmetic surgery procedures over the past few years. Largely, these factors continue to drive the popularity–or at least the prevalence–of cosmetic surgery in 2020.

#1: Cosmetic Surgery Has Never Been Easier

There’s an old saying about “no pain, no gain.” But if you can offer people gain without pain, they will surely take it. That’s one of the things that cosmetic procedures such as Botox or Coolsculpting really have going for them. It’s true, there may be some mild discomfort with each procedure–but usually nothing that can’t be mitigated with some ice and aspirin.

Compared to the kind of recovery you experience with plastic surgery, such as tummy tuck, facelift, or breast augmentation, it’s easy to see the appeal of an injectable solution. You get a fair amount of benefits (the mitigation of wrinkles, for example) with very little in the way of discomfort.

#2: Cosmetic Surgery Has Never Been so Versatile and Effective

Whether you’re going in for a Coolsculpting procedure or a non surgical nose job, cosmetic surgery has never been better at delivering on its promises. In part, that’s because the products available have become better. The newest generation of Coolsculpting devices, for example, are much more effective than ever before. Likewise, dermal filler companies are always coming up with new formulations that make filler more versatile.

That means that, these days, there are simply more cosmetic surgery procedures available to serve more needs than ever before. For almost any aesthetic or cosmetic need, there’s a procedure you can choose. That doesn’t mean they are always as effective or bold as their surgical counterparts. But it provides patients with an array of options to choose from.

#3: Social Media Has Never Been More Powerful

We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the outsized impact that social media has on cosmetic surgery. At least in part, the power of social media is responsible for the rise in cosmetic surgery in 2020. There are several reasons for that:

  • Your face is everywhere: Thanks to the prevalence of camera phones, selfies are everywhere. That means you see your face more often than ever–it also means you see anything that makes you feel self-conscious more often than ever. That can certainly motivate people to seek out cosmetic surgery.
  • Filters give you a preview: Many social media apps now come with built in filters. These filters can help you do things such as erase wrinkles from your photos. As such, people can sometimes see how good they look with a few minor changes and want to pursue those changes in real life.

There are various other ways that social media might alter the way you think about your own appearance–not all of them good. But it’s definitely important to account for social media when you’re talking about the rise in the popularity of cosmetic surgery.

Only Expected to Become More Popular

Cosmetic surgery, generally speaking, is only expected to become more popular as time goes on. None of the factors driving this rise in popularity in 2020 are expected to change any time soon. Of course nothing’s a sure thing in this world. But it’s probably a safe bet that cosmetic surgery will continue to be popular throughout 2020 and beyond.

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