What’s Trending in Facial Plastic Surgery in 2019?

Want to know what’s trending in facial plastic surgery in 2019? We’re taking a deep look at which procedures and trends happen to be popular this year–based on the previous six months or so. Trends in plastic surgery are always fascinating to watch, if only because they tend to change so rapidly–sometimes with exciting results!

A Look at What’s Trending in Facial Plastic Surgery in 2019

All right, we’re most of the way through 2019, and it’s time to start thinking about what’s trending and what’s not. For example, what’s trending in facial plastic surgery in 2019? And how might that be different from what was happening in 2018? Certainly, facial plastic surgery is one of those areas where you see quite a few trends that change year after year.

So this is a good place to start (well, as good as any). Knowing what’s trending in facial plastic surgery in 2019 can help us figure out the state of plastic surgery more broadly. And that can be useful in many ways.

First and foremost, on an individual level, it’s good to be able to separate the trendy from the desired. In other words, it’s important to know what you want and why you want it. In theory, you should want a plastic surgery procedure because it will make you feel good (or more like your real self), not simply because it’s trendy. You should always talk to your plastic surgeon about what might be right for you and your desired results. This article, for example, is not intended to replace any kind of medical advice. For entertainment purposes, let’s take a look at what’s been popular in facial procedures in 2019.

Rhinoplasty Procedures in 2019

One of the things that’s really becoming more popular in 2019 is rhinoplasty. That’s right–the nose job. To be sure, nose surgery has been around for ages now. It’s one of the very first plastic surgery procedures that seemed to hit it off, becoming so popular as to become synonymous with plastic surgery itself.

These days, rhinoplasty procedures focus on two things: natural looking results and fast recovery times. Surgeons are able to accomplish that thanks to a wide variety of techniques; but the main idea is to keep the incisions as small as possible, letting recovery occur more quickly due to that.

The reasons behind rhinoplasty’s upward swing can be difficult to pin down. Often times, nose jobs become more popular because of celebrity influence (though, not directly). Essentially, someone with a perfect nose comes along, and suddenly everyone wants that same nose. In this case, the celebrity in question is Meghan Markle, who is famous for her rather perfect nose (well, she’s famous for other reasons, too, obviously).

Men and Plastic Surgery

One of the other trends in facial plastic surgery in 2019 also fits into the “not entirely surprising” category. More and more men have been undergoing plastic surgery this year. This is a trend that’s been steadily building for several years now (one could argue that it’s really been over the past decade or so).

Whenever it started, it’s become clear in 2019 that men are a huge audience for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. And plastic surgeons are taking notice. This is somewhat important because surgeons can now offer men procedures that are more in line with requests that men have made.

For example, many men will undergo liposuction, but they’ll want contours that end up looking more angular than curvy. In many ways, this approach isn’t all that new or different–plastic surgeons have been individualizing results essentially since the inception of plastic surgery itself. But with less stigma surrounding plastic surgery, more men are willing to go under the knife and get the results they want.

Non Surgical Alternatives

Also not surprisingly, non surgical alternatives are a big trend in facial plastic surgery procedures in 2019. Again, this is not entirely new. People have been getting Botox and dermal filler injections for years now. And for some patients, these injectables have been a viable alternative to wrinkle mitigating procedures.

The trend here, though, is that these injectables (and other non invasive procedures) are gaining steam. And they’re gaining steam for two reasons. First, there are simply more such alternatives available. And second, the results are getting better. These non surgical alternatives are more viable than they used to be.

This means that they’re also more tempting–and more popular. For most plastic or cosmetic surgery patients, the objective is to achieve the best results possible with the least discomfort. Non invasive and non surgical procedures can help patients do exactly that, even if the results are not quite up to par with more substantial procedures.

New Trends on the Horizon

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s trending in facial plastic surgery in 2019. That’s why we’ll be keeping an eye out for the trends of 2020 and beyond. It’s always good to know what’s coming up in the world of plastic surgery–and facial plastic surgery is no exception.

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