What to Do When Social Media Trolls Comment on Your Plastic Surgery

Knowing what to do when social media trolls comment on your plastic surgery photos or posts can save you a lot of grief in the long run. Undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery can be an incredibly personal experience. So insults hurled your way can feel particularly hurtful, even when they come anonymous trolls.

What Should You Do When Social Media Trolls Comment on Your Plastic Surgery Photos?

Knowing what to do when social media trolls comment on your plastic surgery results can be tough. The mere existence of trolls on social media in itself can be a frustration–you shouldn’t have to deal with hem. But even if you don’t have to deal with anonymous and quasi-professional troll, you might have to deal with your estranged uncle behaving trollishly on your Facebook post.

We should probably stop for a minute, then, and talk about what “trolling” is. Essentially, when someone insults or engages in disingenuous discussion with you in order to provoke a reaction, that’s trolling.

Trolling is remarkably common on social media (and on the internet specifically) and has been for some time. Platforms themselves seem to be unmotivated to do much about it, so that means it’s going to fall to you. That’s especially true when you post your plastic surgery images on social media, which can open you up to some especially brutal types of trolling. So what should you do when social media trolls comment on your plastic surgery posts? We’ve got some tips that might help to improve the situation.

Tip #1: Ignoring Doesn’t Work

There’s an old internet saying: Don’t feed the trolls. Essentially, it means that you should ignore any trolls who are causing trouble on your page. The advice stems from the old adage about ignoring bullies who pick on you. The thinking goes that they’re just trying to provoke a rise out of you, so if you don’t give them a reaction, they’ll get bored and move on.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work. As has been shown time and again, ignoring trolls kind of just encourages more trolls to show up. Now, it might work your estranged uncle–but ignoring the trolls might also encourage your estranged nephew to pile on. That doesn’t mean you should necessarily be confrontational with trolls. Each individual is going to have to decide on the best approach–and how aggressive one might want to be in that approach.

Tip #2: Delete Comments

The decision to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery is a very personal one, so nasty comments and direct attacks tend to feel, well, pretty personal. So what should you do when someone starts leaving some comments you’re not exactly a fan of? Well, you’ve got a couple of options:

  • Delete comments you don’t like: If someone has left a personally insulting comment on your photo or status update, consider deleting it. There’s really no benefit to that comment existing or you seeing it. So just get rid of it. Unfortunately, your ability to do this will usually be limited by the social media platform you’re using. Some allow you to delete comments; some don’t.
  • Report the comments you don’t like: Social media platforms don’t always have robust reporting mechanisms, but they do seem to (slowly) be getting better. So if comments are particularly abusive, you can report them. The only problem is that your success with this particular mechanism will vary from comment to comment. It might not be the very best solution, but it can definitely work–especially if the comments are quite egregious.

Many times people won’t delete comments because they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or want to foster discussion. But comments that are hurtful–especially when it comes to something as sensitive and personal as plastic surgery–don’t provide any positive benefit. Better to simply delete them and move on.

If deleting the comments aren’t an option, there is still one trick you can try.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Block People

If nothing else has worked, then you might want to consider blocking people. Almost all social media platforms allow you to block individual users from appearing in your timeline or seeing your timeline. This can be especially useful if people are leaving unwelcome comments regarding your plastic surgery posts.

You might find yourself hesitant to block someone for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe the troll isn’t anonymous; maybe it’s your uncle and you don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Keep in mind that, at the end of the day, no one is entitled to see your social media account. Blocking someone is an entirely rational reaction to abusive or trollish behavior. Hopefully these tips, then, can help you know what to do when social media trolls comment on your plastic surgery photos or posts. You deserve a great social media experience, so it’s never a bad idea to take steps to ensure that happens.

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