What is a Lower Body Lift?

What is a lower body lift going to accomplish for you and your body? There does seem to be some confusion around this procedure from time to time. In some part, that’s because a lower body lift is designed to have a kind of ripple effect throughout your entire lower body–it’s going to effect a lot of things. That’s good. It’s especially good for those patients who have been through a significant weight loss.

What’s a Lower Body Lift Look Like?

The term “lower body lift” can mean a great many different things. At least, that’s the way it can seem. In part, that’s because a lower body lift is a procedure that’s intended to be flexible; but it’s also a procedure that does a significant amount of work. What is a lower body lift? For most patients, a lower body lift is going to be a procedure in which excess skin is removed from the lower portion of the body (hence the name).

The principle of the procedure is little different from a tummy tuck or even a facelift. Removing excess skin can help the body look more streamlined and slim. Usually, though, a lower body lift is about more than that.

The vast majority of lower body lift patients have recently undergone a significant weight loss of some kind. This can produce a lot of excess skin–and that excess skin can make patients feel as though they haven’t really accomplished their weight loss goals. And that can be, well, a bummer to put it lightly. So if you’re wondering, what is a lower body lift used for? In most cases, it’s used to help patients complete a hard fought weight loss journey.

It’s All About Excess Skin

Lower body lift procedures are dedicated to eliminating excess skin from around, well, the lower body–everything from the abdomen on down, in some cases. The question is, where does all that excess skin come from in the first place?

For most people, excess skin comes from a variety of places, in most cases a combination of gravity’s constant pull and the loss of elasticity in your skin as you age. These processes in themselves can create a fair amount of excess skin around the body.

Body lift patients, however, usually develop their excess skin in an entirely different way. For most of those patients, the driving force behind excess skin is weight loss. That’s because when you lose a significant amount of weight, your skin isn’t always able to snap back, even under the best of circumstances. For patients who–either through a diet and weight loss regimen or through bariatric surgery of some kind–lost a lot of weight, that excess skin can hang around, diminishing the effect of the overall transformation (and the feelings of success that transformation should bring).

What Does Lower Body Lift Do?

Part of the confusion with the nomenclature around lower body lift procedures is that it feels surprising that one surgery could do so much. Because when we say that a lower body lift works on your entire lower body, that’s really what we mean.

During the procedure, a “belt” of skin will be removed from the abdomen. (How wide this belt is will be determined by you and your surgeon–it usually depends on your condition and your desired final results.) Once that belt is removed, the rest of the skin is lifted and tightened, ensuring that the body appears more slim and fit.

Lower body lifts are, generally speaking, quite demanding procedures–both for the patient and the surgeon. There’s a lot of work that has to be done and a big transformation for your body. That means this procedure is going to bring with it a significant recovery period. There is, perhaps, no other plastic surgery procedure that touches as much of your body as a lower body lift does.

How Long is Recovery for a Lower Body Lift?

That next logical question is about that recovery: how long does it take? A typical lower body lift recovery period will last several months, with incremental improvements every couple of weeks or so. If you want to undergo this procedure, you need to be ready for the long haul, as it were.

Knowing that, why would anyone want to undergo a lower body lift in the first place? Well, the procedure is remarkably effective, able to eliminate a wide range of excess skin in a single procedure. That means you only have to go through surgery and recovery once instead of multiple times in order to get the final look you desire.

But you should definitely consider your options. If you’ve recently been through a weight loss experience and you want to complete your transformation, spend some time talking to a plastic surgeon about what your options are what the best way to proceed might be. What is a lower body lift going to accomplish for you? To a large extent, that depends on the direction you and your surgeon decide to go in.

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