What Are The Trendiest Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Summary: The trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures sometimes take us by surprise. But often, we’ll see the new and innovative techniques coming from a mile away. That’s because trends often build on other trends. Sure, the popularity of some procedures can take us by surprise, but that tends to be the outlier. What are the trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures of today? Well, that might tell us a little something about what will be trending tomorrow.

A Quick Look at the Trendiest Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Discovering trends in cosmetic surgery is easy enough. Predicting them can be difficult. But what are the trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures on the market today? And do they actually work? Answering these questions means separating the marketing from the meat, so to speak. It means figuring out what’s actually happening in the cosmetic surgery field–and why.

We can start by talking about this word that tends to get thrown around quite a bit: trend. What is a trend, really, and how is it different from a fad? For our purposes, we’re going to think about a trend as something that does stand the test of time. That’s essential because a trend is something that develops over time.

One thing leads to the next. That’s a trend. So, the trends in cosmetic surgery are those procedures that lead to new uses, novel techniques, or innovative products. They build on each other. Fads are those procedures that show up one day and leave the next. Don’t get us wrong–sometimes those fads work and in some cases, they’re great. But today, we’re interested in the trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures. So that requires us to follow our own definition.

Botox: Trendiest of All Time

If you want to talk about trendy cosmetic surgery procedures, there’s no trendier than Botox. Put simply, Botox just might be the most popular cosmetic procedure on the planet. Millions of people get Botox every year in the United States alone, far surpassing any other injectable or cosmetic option.

So what makes Botox trendy? It’s popular (and it’s popular every year), so how can it be trendy? The answer to that lies, in part, with the utility of Botox. Cosmetic surgeons are always finding new and innovative uses for Botox. Some of those trendy uses for Botox include:

  • Millennials using Botox to help prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place
  • Chronic migraine sufferers using Botox to find relief from these severe headaches
  • Those suffering from Depression have sometimes been known to use Botox to help relieve those symptoms

And that’s just the start. I wouldn’t be surprised if by this time next year, plastic and cosmetic surgeons have discovered yet another use for Botox injectables.

Kybella: Trendy and New

Kybella is an injectable that is still relatively new. It’s only a few years old. But we’re putting it on this list because, well, it’s trendy. Kybella made a huge splash when it was introduced because it could do something that had only been dreamt of prior: get rid of fat.

We’re probably not surprising anybody when we say that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery have both long been preoccupied with eliminating fat. Since the first liposuction procedure, patients have seen eliminating fat as a great way to achieve their desired body shape (this message might also resonate so much because it’s replayed constantly by so many cultural messages we receive: fat is bad).

With a just a few injections, patients can get rid of fat around the jawline, eliminating the so-called double chin. Now, it doesn’t work for everybody. But most people do seem to respond well to treatment, though it might take several weeks for patients to start seeing results. Even still, injections to eliminate fat sound like the American dream!

The Trendiest: Non Surgical Results

There are plenty of other trendy cosmetic surgery procedures we could name:

  • Platelet-rich-plasma, which is now also being used to help patients thicken their hair!
  • Non surgical nose job, which can help patients avoid rhinoplasty surgery
  • Dermal fillers, which are helping patients achieve all sorts of results, from eliminating lines and wrinkles to amping up the volume of the lips
  • HydraFacial, which cosmetic surgery patients are using to feel great about their skin again

Most of these are not going to surprise anyone, naturally. That’s especially true if you’re had your finger on the pulse of cosmetic surgery for a while. Trends develop over a long number of years. PRP for hair regrowth, for example, is only popular because the so-called Vampire Facelift once made platelet-rich-plasma a marketing success story.

That’s why we spend some time to try to separate the trendy from the fads. One tends to stick around and the other, for whatever reason, doesn’t. Knowing the trendiest cosmetic surgery procedures on the market now can help you ensure you get the best possible results today–as well as predict what might be popular tomorrow.


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