Top Three Questions to Ask Before Coolsculpting

The top three questions to ask before Coolsculpting will probably vary from patient to patient. That’s because individual patients have unique concerns throughout the process. Whatever question you decide to ask, it’s important that you do indeed ask as many questions as you can think of. The best way to get information about any procedure is to ask a lot of questions during your consultation.

Looking at the Top Three Questions to Ask Before Coolsculpting Procedures

When it comes to non invasive body contouring procedures, Coolsculpting is one of the single most popular options. For most patients, this procedure can effectively shave off unwanted fat from selected and targeted areas–all without the need for surgery. But there are definitely some questions to ask before Coolsculpting makes its way onto your schedule.

That’s nothing against the procedure. It’s just that, as with all plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, you need to make sure that Coolsculpting is right for you and your body. And that requires some questioning.

In most cases, these questions can be answered during your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. This article isn’t intended to replace medical advice–that advice should always come from your cosmetic surgeon. Instead, we’re just asking these questions to get the ball rolling (and to keep you entertained, of course). So what are the top three questions to ask before Coolsculpting? Let’s take a look!

Question #1: Where Do You Want Coolsculpting?

So, the answer to this is going to be pretty important to your overall results–but not necessarily in terms of the Coolsculpting procedure itself. That’s because Coolsculpting is a procedure that can be used almost anywhere on the body. The handpiece is versatile enough that the chest, belly, arms, legs, neck–they’re all viable targets for Coolsculpting procedures.

Which means that it’s kind of up to you to figure out what areas of the body you’d like to treat. The most common target for Coolsculpting is the belly area, as is true for most body contouring procedures.

But patients have successfully used Coolsculpting to eliminate unwanted fat from a wide variety of areas. For men, Coolsculpting can help treat gynecomastia. Coolsculpting can also eliminate unwanted back fat. Pretty much anywhere there’s fat on the body, Coolsculpting could work–especially when that fat is located close to the skin.

Question #2: Is That Fat or Skin?

One thing that Coolsculpting does not work on is excess skin. Now, excess skin can form for a wide variety of reasons. For many people it’s a simple effect of aging. Gravity pulls down on your skin and, as that tissue loses elasticity, it stretches. For others, it’s due to a significant weight loss.

Whatever the cause of excess skin, it’s important to know that Coolsculpting cannot treat that type of condition. So why would a patient come in for a condition Coolsculpting doesn’t treat?

Well, it’s not always crystal clear what happens to be fat and what’s skin. To the untrained eye, excess skin can look a lot like excess fat. And so it can be difficult for patients to tell the two apart. If you want a procedure to treat excess skin, you’ll have to look to surgery in most cases (a procedure such as tummy tuck is usually employed for this purpose). Cosmetic surgeons can usually help you determine if excess tissue in a certain area is composed more predominantly of fat or skin.

Question #3: What is Recovery Like?

For most patients, Coolsculpting recovery is essentially nonexistent. Patients are usually able to return to almost all normal activities after a Coolsculpting procedure. However, there are some cases where bruising or swelling can develop, though this is relatively uncommon.

Your cosmetic surgeon should provide you with detailed recovery instructions, so you’ll know exactly what’s expected from your Coolsculpting procedure. It’s important to follow those recovery instructions to the best of you ability, as they’re designed to help you get the most out of your procedure as possible.

It may take several weeks for your results from Coolsculpting to show–and the procedure doesn’t work for everybody. In some rare instances, individual patients don’t necessarily respond to the treatment. But for most people, Coolsculpting results will become quite visible.

Always Ask More Questions

Those might be the top three questions to ask before Coolsculpting, but they definitely should not be the last questions you ask or the only questions you ask. Indeed, the more questions you ask, the more prepared you’ll be for your Coolsculpting procedure.

That’s why cosmetic surgeons are always encouraging their patients to ask as many questions as possible during their consultation. If you have questions about Coolsculpting–or about how Coolsculpting might help you shed a few pounds–the best place to find answers is from your local cosmetic surgeon or medical spa.

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