Should You Get Plastic Surgery Because of Internet Trolls?

Should you get plastic surgery because of internet trolls? The short answer is simple: no. Not really. But it’s possible for this question to get a little more complicated over time, and with some introspection. What if those internet trolls don’t create an insecurity, but exacerbate one that’s already there? Can you still find relief with plastic surgery? Are there good motivations and bad motivations for plastic surgery procedures?

Should You Get Plastic Surgery Because of Hate From Internet Trolls?

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, reality TV star Heidi Montag confessed that she underwent many plastic surgery procedures due to online criticism. In a move that she promoted heavily at the time, Montag underwent as many as ten plastic surgery procedures in a very short amount of time, resulting in an almost complete transformation.

She has since expressed some regret over some of those results. Which is unfortunate. We’re definitely not here to second guess Montag’s decision-making or shame her over her plastic surgery procedures.

Instead, we want to take a look at what we can learn from her situation. After all, we may not be as famous as she is, and we’re probably not on TV all the time (like she is). But there’s a good chance we have to deal with internet trolls or online criticism at some level. That’s why it’s important to know just how much internet trolls should influence your plastic surgery decisions. This article, of course, is not intended to replace medical advice of any kind, but hopefully it can provide you with a few good questions to ask your plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Should you get plastic surgery because of internet trolls? Let’s discuss that very question.

The Purpose of Plastic Surgery

As we go through this discussion, it might help to keep in mind that plastic surgery has a very specific purpose. In theory, plastic surgery is intended to help you feel more like you. Whatever procedure you undergo, the idea is that you make your body more closely align with your body image.

It’s important, therefore, that the desires for plastic surgery come from you, no matter what procedure you’re undergoing. If you’re undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery, it’s a time to be as selfish and self-centered as you can be.

Because you’re the one that’s going to have to look at the results in the mirror every single day. You’re the one that’s going to have to see the results on social media for the rest of your life (depending on the procedure, of course). So it’s important that you’re happy with how your results look in the end. And it’s important that you’re happy with what you’re changing. That’s why most surgeons will dissuade you from letting outside options influence your decision-making too much.

What’s an Internet Troll?

So, if you aren’t overly familiar with internet trolls, that’s probably a good thing. Trolls are individuals who intentionally fill spaces on the internet with negative (often insulting) content. While most internet trolls will likely tell you that they have some greater purpose (getting a rise out of someone, exposing hypocrisy, or something like that), the truth is that most internet trolls are mean just to be mean. Just because they can.

In Montag’s case, these trolls were leaving comments on various websites, and those comments left Montag feeling self-conscious. Which is important to point out. For most people, it’s not as though the troll itself is the motivation.

But the troll’s comments start to make you feel self-conscious. And those self-conscious feelings can become a kind of self-criticism. Maybe you’ve never really liked your nose. And then someone on the internet makes a mean comment about your nose. The slight dislike you had before could metastasize into a full blown preoccupation. Maybe now you never feel comfortable with your nose. In those situations, is a nose job the answer?

Everyone’s Different

It’s hard to say what the right course of action is in cases like these. Sure, in clear cut cases, it’s easy: don’t undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures because of anything trolls (or anyone else) has ever said to you. It’s only in cases where you want a given procedure that you should undergo that procedure.

But sometimes those motivations get a little murky. That’s normal–it’s life. But it does make those conversations you have with your plastic surgeon really important. And that’s also why it’s never a bad idea to try therapy or other mental-health related options before you try surgery.

Once you come to a decision–once you know why you’re undergoing the procedure you want to undergo–you’ll have a better notion of the influences that might be pushing you towards that procedure. Should you get plastic surgery becomes of internet trolls? Certainly not directly. In fact, the only person you should be trying to undergo plastic surgery for is yourself.

Figuring out what exactly that means, however, can be a bit tricky.

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