What Are the Most Popular Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures?

Summary: The most popular non surgical cosmetic procedures tend to change from year to year. Well, except for one. The number one non surgical cosmetic procedure tends to be the same every single year, in part because it’s incredibly famous. We’re going to take a look at the top five, however. Maybe those popular non surgical cosmetic procedures will have something to teach us about the appeal of these techniques.

What Are the Most Popular Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures of 2018?

When it comes to sheer numbers, non surgical procedures greatly outpace their surgical counterparts. In other words, non surgical cosmetic procedures sit squarely as the king of the hill. At least, in terms of popularity. But what are the most popular non surgical cosmetic procedures? The king of kings, as it were.

Knowing the most popular cosmetic procedures can actually give us a fair amount of useful information. We can compare these non surgical procedures to the surgical ones–and maybe even figure out why Botox is so popular when stacked up against facelifts.

And, of course, knowing what’s popular today can help us anticipate what will be popular tomorrow. That’s particular important when it comes to non-invasive and non-surgical procedures because they tend to innovate so quickly. There’s always a new procedure out there ready to make waves. But those new trends often tend to follow a certain demand by patients–a demand that’s already out there.

So we’ve got a lot to learn. But it all starts with asking: what are the most popular non surgical cosmetic procedures?

Botox is Always the Most Popular

I’m not really sure what’s going to knock Botox off its perch at the top of the hill (okay, that’s a mixed metaphor, as perches are usually found on, you know, trees, but you get the idea). In the year 2017, Botox was professionally used over 7 million times. That means over 7 million sessions.

That is far and away the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. The next one doesn’t even come close, doesn’t even do half the business that Botox does. So why is Botox so popular? There are a couple of reasons, I think:

  • Botox gets results: This is an injectables that works for many patients (and for a lot of different reasons).
  • Those results don’t always last: Generally, Botox will last for about six months or so. For many patients, the temporary nature of Botox is actually a good thing. It means they can take their cosmetic surgery out for a test drive first!
  • People get multiple treatments a year: Botox only lasts for six months, so if you want your results to last, you need to get regular maintenance injections every four months or so. And that can certainly drive up those Botox numbers.
  • Cost accessible: Botox isn’t necessarily cheap, but the cost is certainly lower than something like a facelift procedure. That’s why many patients elect to go with this particular option.

Now, painting with a fairly broad brush here. Everyone has their own individual reasons why they want to get Botox (if indeed they want to get Botox). But you can see why, generally speaking, Botox tends to be quite popular year after year.

Dermal Fillers in at Number 2

Coming in second is a procedure referred to as “soft tissue fillers.” These are generally what you think of when you think of dermal fillers. Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse, and so on are all dermal fillers. Now, these are injectables just like Botox, but they function in a very different way. Whereas Botox is a neuromodulator, dermal fillers will actually fill volume in the skin (at the same time as they promote the skin’s own rejuvenating properties).

There was something like 2.69 million dermal filler procedures performed in 2017. That’s up 3 percent from the previous year. Now, these procedures are growing at a significant clip. And the popularity of dermal fillers is driven by many of the same factors as the popularity of Botox. That said, dermal fillers do tend to last a little bit longer, so you see fewer maintenance injections needed in the same year.

But dermal fillers can be used for multiple purposes (everything from getting rid of wrinkles to changing the shape of your nose). So it’s no wonder that millions of people every year are undergoing this particular injection.

Rounding out the Top Five

If you’re curious about what the final three of the top five most popular non surgical cosmetic procedures are, we present them in order:

  • Chemical peels, with just over 1.3 million
  • Laser hair removal, with just around 1.1 million
  • Microdermabrasion (sometimes called microneedling) with around 740,000

To put that into perspective, the most popular surgical procedure, a breast augmentation, was performed around 300,000 times last year.

Popular Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures are Here to Stay

There’s no doubt that these non surgical procedures aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, we’re looking for even more of them to show up as time goes on. The most popular non surgical cosmetic procedures probably won’t stay that way year over year. Something even more popular will eventually come along make its mark. And when it does, we’ll be here ready to write about it.

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