How Do You Know if Celebrities Have Gotten a Facelift?

There are many people looking through gossip columns wondering, how do you know if celebrities have gotten a facelift? Or Botox? What are the telltale signs? Unfortunately, those signs will vary from person to person. It’s not that easy to tell. But that very speculation can help us learn a thing or two about plastic surgery (and how it might affect celebs).

The Pressure to Always Look Good

There are plenty of rumors swirling around, but how do you know if celebrities have gotten a facelift or if they’re just wearing makeup? The entire process can be a little frustrating. All you want to know is if Renee Zellweger got a facelift or if Iggy Azalea really got that nose job.

It’s easy to poke fun at celebrity plastic surgery and those who keep track of them. But there’s some value in following those transformations and in separating the fact from the fiction. There’s certainly value in debunking (or ignoring) those celebrity plastic surgery rumors that end up being quite untrue.

But there’s no denying that Hollywood celebrities tend to be trendsetters. Knowing how (and why) they got a facelift might help you make some of your own decisions. How can you know if celebrities have gotten a facelift? Let’s take a look at some tips.

Tip #1: Always Assume it’s Makeup Until it Isn’t

Makeup has incredible transformative powers. After all, that’s why they use it in movies to make everyone look so much younger! Makeup can work wonders. Even though it cannot physically change one’s face, it can certainly make it appear that way. Especially if you’re using high end products and high end techniques, such as contouring.

But putting more makeup on isn’t always what makes the face look different. Indeed, sometimes seeing a face without makeup is what accounts for the suddenly different look.

And that’s what we’re really noticing when we speculate on celebrities undergoing facial plastic surgery. We’re noticing changes in the way they look. If those changes occur simply because the celebrity in question suddenly isn’t wearing makeup, it can certainly lead to speculation.

Tip #2: Denial Isn’t Confirmation

Celebrities have a vested interest in looking a certain way. Often, They land roles or market themselves based on their appearance (and their brand identity, which is closely linked to their appearance). There’s also a certain cache that comes with maintaining your mystique, from persuading people that you are naturally beautiful, gorgeous, or handsome.

Let’s put it this way: some stars are more transparent than others. Iggy Azalea, for example, has been quite open about the plastic surgery she’s had performed. And that attitude is becoming more and more common.

But it’s not ubiquitous. And gossip columnists (among others) are sometimes too quick to jump to conclusions about why this celebrity looks a little bit different than they used to. All of which leads us to this tip, and it’s pretty simple: a denial is not confirmation of plastic surgery. Sometimes, celebrities just look a little bit different.

Tip #3: Cosmetic Surgery is Always a Possibility

It’s always possible that the celebrity in question underwent a non surgical cosmetic procedure, such as a Botox injection or dermal filler injection. These non surgical techniques have a way of producing effects that are difficult to detect—other than that the patient looks younger.

That said, even modern facelift procedures are difficult to detect when done properly. This doesn’t stop a plethora of experts from speculating—and sometimes that speculation can be helpful and useful. Sometimes it isn’t. Because, really, it’s difficult to know what someone else’s patient went through (if indeed, he or she went through anything).

That’s why cosmetic surgery is always a possibility, especially when the celebrity is quite active and maybe wouldn’t have time for recovery from a surgical procedure. But it’s not the only possibility. Often, surgical procedures can produce results that look entirely natural.

Hold Off on Speculation

Generally, we hold off on speculation. It’s entirely possible Renee Zellwegger underwent plastic surgery. It’s equally likely (if not more likely) that she didn’t. Whether a given celebrity has a procedure or not doesn’t really matter to us.

Instead, we look for the teachable moments. What can the speculation on this procedure or that teach us about how we look at plastic surgery. What can the natural-looking results teach us about how the procedure is performed?

Ultimately, what we’re after is a more highly educated plastic surgery fanbase (for lack of a better word). The better educated potential patients are, the better the results tend to be.

If you want to know more about various celebrity plastic surgery procedures—and about how they might inspire your own plastic surgery procedure—the best place to find more information is actually from your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon might not know if celebrities have gotten a facelift procedure—but he or she will know if a facelift is right for you.

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