Is It Better to Work Out or Get Plastic Surgery?

Is it better to work out or get plastic surgery if you’re looking to lose weight? Most body contouring procedures work best when the patient is a consistent weight. And yet, many patients will also use body contouring to eliminate unwanted fat. So how does that all work out, and what’s the best overall approach? Exercise or surgery?

For Body Contouring, is it Better to Work Out or Get Plastic Surgery?

When it comes to achieving the body you want, is it better to work out or get plastic surgery? That can be a really difficult question to answer, as there are so many variables. But it’s also one of the most common questions about plastic surgery that we hear. And that makes sense–most people want to take the path of least resistance in order to get the results they want.

Sometimes that might mean working out. And sometimes it might mean plastic surgery. Whether exercise–or even lifestyle changes–are the right way to go will depend most profoundly on what you’re trying to accomplish and what your body will naturally allow.

Because your body has some limits, as it turns out, in terms of what it can accomplish. Now, to a certain extent, we can put rejuvenating procedures into a separate category; facelit, Botox, that kind of thing. These are procedures that are trying to de-age you, and that’s not really something you can accomplish (typically) through diet or exercise. So I suppose what I’m really saying is that we’ll be focused primarily on body contouring procedures for the bulk of this discussion.

How to Lose Weight With a Workout

When it’s time for most people to lose weight, you have two basic options: eat less or work out more. Most people will typically choose some combination of the two, and the most successful weight loss campaigns seem to be the ones that make long term lifestyle changes rather than, for example, short term diets.

If you’re looking to lose weight by working out you have a few options:

  • Cardio: Cardio workouts are typically used to build endurance. Long walks (or long runs) are a great way to burn a significant number of calories, although it does take a fair amount of time to do so. Even still, cardio workouts are nice because you keep burning calories at a heightened rate for some time after your workout is finished. So, these workouts might include jogging, cross country skiing, or biking.
  • Muscle building: Another way to lose weight is to put on muscle. Muscle building workouts tend to be intense and of short durations. But they can also be a good way to lose some weight. Of course, you’ll want to tailor your workout expressly for that (and a little bit of online research goes a long way here) because there are a lot of muscle building workouts that are designed to put weight on. And if you’re looking to lose weight, you’ll likely want to avoid those workouts.

If you have any experience with using exercise to lose weight, you likely know a couple of things. First, it can take some significant time for you to see results. Second, those results can be fleeting. For some, it’s not hard to lose weight–it’s hard to keep the weight off.

Why Surgery is Sometimes Ideal

There are a wide variety of reasons why one might pursue a cosmetic or plastic surgery option rather than trying to lose weight via a workout (though, it’s worth noting that these methods are not mutually exclusive–many people will use both methods). In most cases, patients who pursue body contouring procedures:

  • Have already devoted a significant amount of time to exercise or lifestyle changes. In some cases, there are just stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away.
  • Are trying to eliminate not just fat but excess skin as well. And there’s no amount of diet or exercise that can do much about a significant amount of excess skin. (In some cases, this excess skin is even caused by exercise-related weight loss.)
  • In some cases, patients want to eliminate fat from a specific area of the body. Targeting specific spots for fat removal isn’t something that is feasible or possible via natural means. You can’t do exercises designed to remove fat from your tummy, for example, because that’s just not the way the human body works.

These days, patients have a ton of options in terms of body contouring procedures. There are even some body contouring options that are non invasive. And while non invasive body contouring won’t generate quite the same bold transformation that surgery might, it can still be an effective way for you to get the results you’re after.

There’s no best way to eliminate unwanted fat–just the way that works best for you.

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