How Can You Get Your Body Back After Having Kids?

How can you get your body back after having kids? It’s a common question, in large part because having children (and the subsequent parenting of those children) can put a significant physical toll on your body. There’s a cost to being a parent! That’s why so many people want to see if there’s a way to reverse that cost, at least a little bit, and reclaim some of their best years.

Are There Ways to Get Your Body Back After Having Kids?

Having children is a wonderful, amazing thing. But it sure can take a toll on your body. And I’m not just talking about pregnancy and childbirth, although those have perhaps the largest initial impact on your body. Everything that comes after–the nursing, the stress (18-plus years of stress), the running around, the lack of time–it all takes a toll.

So what can you do about it? How can you get your body back after having kids? And how would you even go about getting started?

Your body goes through an amazing (or perhaps daunting) number of challenges thanks to pregnancy and childbirth. Your metabolism is going to change–repeatedly–and the way your body copes with and stores fat will also transform. Fat will become more stubborn. You may even start to see a few wrinkles and lines that otherwise wouldn’t be there. The question is: what can you do about it? How can you get your body back after having kids?

The Mommy Makeover

This is usually where we talk about the Mommy Makeover. This is a wonderful procedure (well, set of procedures) designed to address this particular issue head on. A mommy makeover is generally comprised of a breast lift, liposuction, and tummy tuck. Each of these procedures is designed to mitigate a common body change associated with motherhood and parenting.

  • Breast lift is designed to make the breasts appear more youthful. Pregnancy and nursing can combine to drastically change the orientation of the breasts–a breast lift will reverse that trend.
  • Liposuction is designed to combat the new ways your body is hanging onto fat. After pregnancy, your metabolism slows and your body more stubbornly hangs on to every scrap of fat.
  • Tummy tuck is there to help you eliminate unwanted skin. As you might imagine, pregnancy tends to produce quite a bit of excess skin. Your body stretches out, and the skin just stays with you (the elastin in your body tends to become less effective as you age).

Mommy makeovers are popular because they offer a way to mitigate many of the effects of pregnancy and parenting. Some of these effects build up over time, so it’s not as though patients undergo a mommy makeover in the weeks or months directly after giving birth. Some parents wait years–or even decades–to undergo a mommy makeover.

Is Surgery My Only Option?

If you want to make major changes to your body in a way that is not otherwise naturally achievable, yes, surgery is essentially your only option. But not everyone wants to make such major changes. In some cases, those who want to get their bodies back after having kids have a much more subtle approach in mind.

For example, dermal filler and Botox injections have been popular add ons to Mommy Makeover procedures for years. That’s largely because stress can be a significant, long-term contributing factor to the aging process–and parenthood certainly brings with it a significant amount of stress.

That’s why many patients that want to get their body back after having kids will look into non invasive options as well as surgery. Sometimes, when you’re a busy parent, you can’t really take several weeks “off” to recover from surgery. But something like dermal fillers or Botox–something you could get done at a medical spa? That’s much more feasible.

Parenthood Changes You

Men and women both are changed by parenthood. In some ways, that’s the point–parenthood is supposed to change you. You’re supposed to mature, to grow, to transform. And that can take a toll on your body.

It’s not unreasonable, then, that parents can often feel as though they have missed out on their youth. Cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures are both designed to help patients feel rejuvenated–to help them feel as though they haven’t necessarily given up the prime of their lives to have children and be parents.

To be sure, diet and exercise can certainly help you get your body back after having kids. A balanced lifestyle is key to maintaining good health–both physically and mentally. But there are some limits to what diet and exercise can accomplish. And if you want to turn back the clock beyond those natural limits, cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery are one viable course of action.

But they aren’t for everyone. It’s incredibly important to spend time considering your best course of action for you and your body. Sometimes you don’t want to get your pre-parenthood body back. And other times it’s a way to reclaim your identity. In the end, it’s all up to you.

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