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Popularity of Brick is on the rise and has solidified itself atop the list of products used in projects by today’s trendiest and even most modest of interior and exterior designers. Brick is no doubt one of, if not the most timeless and versatile mediums to be used in a myriad of ways.

Native Clays

Much of the brick you may have seen in residential exteriors is native to its area in which its components are found.  The two story white columned residences of the southeast is reflective of the red brick found in the rich clay of the Carolinas and Georgian coast.  The clays of the Navajo nation have been used in brick products that were the base of the many Santa Fe style bungalows you see throughout the Southwest,  often covered with a stucco finish, resulting in a timeless style depicted in many missionary complexes.

Warehouse Districts

Age old warehouse buildings found throughout our larger cities in the USA have been repurposed and developed into what is commonly referred to as “lofts”.  It is amazing how these buildings have stood for centuries with the brick surviving the beatings of inclement weather, thoughtless owners / tenants and time old wear and tare.

Trying to replicate that timeless beauty has brought a plethora of products mimicking the original beauty of the ages old brick.

brick for design

Face Brick

Face brick is used in many vertical applications in new kitchens, libraries and open living space.  Keeping it on peripheral walls gives a room the appearance of being an integral part of the structure when, in fact, it is totally decorative.

Floor Applications

Floor application has become popular.  It can be set in a variety of patterns such as herringbone and box, to name a couple.  Todays casting process results in an even finish producing a much smoother surfaces than in the “old days”.  When coupled with a tough sealing product,  it is natural to achieve the ageless look many interior designers strive for.

A Personal Touch

My travels have taken me to many areas of the world and one of my favorite design features are the barrel brick ceilings seen in the wine cellars of the vintners here and abroad. 

In every instance, it is brick, old and new, that brings us the timeless beauty that will create the environments for all of us to enjoy for years to come.

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  1. I love how brick looks in both new construction, and restoration of existing housing. It’s definitely a plus when I’m looking for a new apartment or home!

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