Health and Beauty Tips for 2018

Summary: If you’re looking for some health and beauty tips for 2018, you’ve come to the right place. We often have to stay up to date on the beauty trends of the year because they change incredibly quickly. So don’t be surprised if these beauty tips are here today and gone tomorrow. That said, the important thing is that you find some tips that help you feel great!

Giving You Some Health and Beauty Tips for 2018 and Beyond

We’re looking at new trends here at the Diggz, and that means taking a peek at health and beauty tips for 2018. There are few industries that innovate quite as rapidly as the beauty and cosmetics industries. And for good reason: everyone is always looking to make beauty (as an industry) easier and more effective.

That’s why we’re taking a look at some of these trends! After all, it’s hard enough for us to keep up with this stuff, and that’s, you know, what we do!

We should take a quick sec to clarify that many of these trends have their origins well before 2018. It’s just that this is the year we think they’re going to be hot (or hotter than previous years, anyway). Let’s take a look at some of these awesome beauty tips for 2018!

Tips for Skin

Keeping your skin looking and feeling great can be an exceptional chore. Part of that is because your skin does so much heavy lifting: it’s always protecting you from sunlight or wind or the elements. It’s constantly working. There are a few interesting ways you can help your skin fight the good fight:

  • Use a good eye cream: There are plenty of eye creams out there that don’t do much, but investing in a reputable eye cream that works can make a big difference in keeping your skin looking healthy and young. Put a little around your lips (not on your lips) to help with the wrinkles and lines that might develop there, too.
  • Shower before you exercise: When I was a teenager, I had acne problems in areas where I would sweat a lot. My doctor told me to trying showering before I worked out. I thought this advice was odd, but apparently it’s trendy advice! And it makes sense–it gets rid of all the oils and dirt before they can get trapped in your skin.
  • Botox keeps wrinkles away: So this might sound a little odd, but there’s actually some evidence to suggest that getting Botox when you’re younger can help keep wrinkles away when you’re older. That’s why younger and younger patients (such as us Millennials) are looking seriously at those Botox injections.

Tips for Hair

Of course, your skin isn’t going to be the only beauty area you’re concerned about in 2018. Your hair is also one of those things that you’ll likely be spending some time on throughout the coming year. We have a few hair care tips that might help. Of course, it all depends on your hair–because everyone’s hair is just a little bit different.

  • Use household items: You can use a spaghetti strainer as a makeshift diffuser when blow drying your hair. Or you can use a clean t-shirt instead of a hair towel (this actually keeps your hair looking a little livelier than a towel would). There are plenty of ways you can get creative to get the final look you’re after.
  • So many hairstyles! Let’s be honest about one thing: there are so many hairstyles to choose from today. And that’s a good thing! You want to shave your head? That’s great, do it! You want curls? Awesome! You want frizzy hair? Even better! This is important because for many women, getting straight, traditional hair is incredibly difficult. The more we embrace diversity (and the diversity of hair) the better!

Tips for Makeup

And so we come to makeup, one of the most traditional bastions of health and beauty. Our tips for makeup are probably not going to knock your socks off, but they do represent a kind of paradigm shift in the ways that we think about makeup generally speaking. Okay, here goes:

  • Learn about makeup from YouTube: These days, it’s hard to find a better source for makeup tips and tricks than YouTube. There are so many talented, amazing artists out there, sharing everything they know about this art form. Whatever you want to know about, you can probably find a video demonstration of it on YouTube. All you have to do is start searching and start practicing.
  • Contouring is King: Okay, other than going to YouTube for new tips and tricks, here’s the other thing to keep an eye on in 2018: contouring. This is a makeup technique that seeks to create illusions by using highlights and shadows. For example, contouring could make your nose look smaller by creating more highlights and darker shading around the cheeks. It’s that kind of thing–and it’s really going to be the next big thing in makeup, I think.

More to Come

In the world of health and beauty, it’s entirely possible that these trends will be here today and gone tomorrow. That’s just the way it works. But it doesn’t really matter what’s trendy as long as you have something that’s working for you. That’s why we emphasize tips and tricks instead of, you know, trends.

Hopefully you’ve found something like that in this article. If not, rest assured that there will likely be a “Beauty tips for 2018” sequel somewhere along the lines here. That’s just how fast the beauty industry works.

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