When Should You Get a Revision on Your Cosmetic Surgery?

If you’ve recently had plastic surgery and you love the results, there’s good news: you’re done. You won’t really have to worry about that site of surgery for quite a while. Whether you got a facelift or a nose job or a tummy tuck—liking your final results is often the endgame. You win!

But if you don’t like your results, your journey is (in a way) beginning anew. Whether you think about it as starting a new quest or the second phase of the same endeavor, what’s certain is this: you’re going to need more work to get the results you want.

Getting a revision procedure can be a frustrating process. Things were supposed to go right the first time, weren’t they? Unfortunately, the human body can be quite complicated. Let’s look at some of the reasons that you might need to get a revision procedure.

The Complications of Recovery

One of the primary reasons why your plastic surgery results may not be everything you hoped for is a complication during recovery. Now, complications are relatively rare, but they do happen and they can compromise your results, especially if they go untreated.

But sometimes it’s not even true “complications” that can dampen your results. When most patients are finished with their surgery, they are usually given a set of explicit recovery instructions by their surgeons. These instructions are designed to do two things:

  1. Maximize the comfort of the patient (either by limiting movement or by speeding recovery as much as possible)
  2. Ensure proper healing and, thus, the best results possible

Problems, therefore, arise when patients are either unwilling or unable to follow their recovery instructions. And sometimes, it’s sheer luck. If you’ve recently gotten a nose job and you sleep on your nose funny or you get elbowed in your nose, your results could be in jeopardy.

That’s why it’s always important to follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions as closely as possible.

Options for Revision Without Surgery

Typically, when you have to get a revision procedure in order to fix your results, it requires another surgery. For example, breast augmentation revision procedures are essentially a specialized version of the original breast augmentation surgery. The same is also true for something like a rhinoplasty revision.

But it doesn’t have to be. Due to changes in modern techniques and technology, many patients now have a non surgical revision rhinoplasty option. This revision technique is a take on the original non surgical nose job (developed originally in Los Angeles, CA).

Essentially, the surgeon will use injections of dermal fillers to make minute changes to the nose. For patients who have minor (but important) quibbles with the way their surgical rhinoplasty surgeries turned out, this could be quite a convenient procedure.

Non surgical revision rhinoplasty offers the following benefits over a surgical procedure:

  • There’s no need for another long recovery due to surgery
  • Non surgical revision rhinoplasty offers instant results
  • Small changes can make the nose appear the way you always wanted it
  • Non surgical revision rhinoplasty can be accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes
  • There is virtually no recovery time necessary
  • Non surgical revision rhinoplasty is much less expensive than a surgical procedure

To be sure, non surgical revision rhinoplasty isn’t going to be for everyone. If you need a big and bold revision to your nose, you’re going to want to go with surgery. But if you just want subtle and small changes—if those small things are keeping you from enjoying your nose—then a non surgical procedure may be the way to go.

More Options Than Ever

What it comes down to is this: not every plastic surgery procedure is going to go perfectly. Most of them do—but not every single one. The comforting thing, for now, should be that you’ve got options.

Whether you need to get a breast augmentation revised or you want to change the look of your nose, both surgical and non surgical procedures offer patients a way forward. No one wants to be stuck with results that they don’t like.

And, frankly, surgeons don’t want to leave you with results that you’re not fond of. Life is complicated, and a lot can happen during your recovery. But making sure you’re comfortable with the way you look, with the way you feel about your body, is always a high priority.

Revision procedures may not always be the most fun—but they can be among the most gratifying. It’s a great thing when those results are finally the ones you always wanted.

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