Is the Election Effecting Relationships?

Caution Humor Inside: In most election years our relationships are typically pretty safe from ruin but the 2016 Presidential Election has been a bull in a china shop from jump! I took some time to speak with the people in my life that were starting to show signs of election fatigue and wanted to know if the election was dividing couples, friends, co-workers, siblings and even “the self”. Curious to know what I found?

My Inner Circle

When it came to my personal friendships it seemed that I aligned with most of the people I would consider my closest friends but even within that group there were some life long friends that seemed to irrationally defend their candidate of choice so in the name of preservation I simply laughed off their most radical qualifying statements; even though my tongue was sharpened and ready to poke holes galore. Was it my duty to engage or was I justified in keeping the peace with someone I love?

The Love Birds

It turns out that most married couples within my circle of influence were typically cheering for the same team and in doing so fed off each other when engaged in conversation about the election, (boring but cute). However it turns out that couples who were still dating had a different dynamic than those who had already taken their vows. I found this to be the most interesting study of the groups I poked and prodded for the goods! Interestingly enough the dating pool seemed to have a higher blood alcohol level than the married group which made for a much louder and boisterous study, fun!

Luke & Kate Date

This particular couple had been dating for several months so the election was already in full swing before they decided on their 2nd date. Which begs the question: how many dates did it take before they shared their political views with each other? Luckily I asked this very question! It turns out Luke was afraid to drop the Trump card on the table too early because he was sure Kate owned a shirt adorned with  a capital H with an arrow pointing towards the future (a future Luke wanted no part of) and Luke was right. As the story goes on date #3 Luke and Kate were sitting outside of an Uptown watering hole when someone walked by with a “Make America Great Again” hat on just in time for Luke to yelp out “Make it Great?! Make it fan-f*%kingtastic” then in the same breath shook his empty cocktail at the waitress and said, “And you my dear can do the same with this glass!” – (ahh Luke.. LOL). It was at this point Kate knew a little more about her Uptown companion.

Trump Flashed (TM pending)

Kate, having been Trump flashed, had no choice but to confront the situation and find out how deep the hook had been set in Luke’s gin soaked mouth and so she popped the question: “Voting for Trump are we?”. To which Luke responded, “Is this a bad thing?”. Kate kindly responded by first shaking her cocktail glass at the waitress accompanied by “Make this glass great again so I can figure out how to make Luke great again” (well played madam).

Luke & Kate 3 Months Later

Kate decided Luke was worth another date after #3 and so 3 months later they still find each other irresistible despite their division between party lines. As I write this piece I can report that Kate has found Luke is willing to bend on Trump after a few Friday night cocktails as long as his Minnesota Gopher Hockey Team and Minnesota Vikings both remain undefeated. It’s amazing how far men can take a superstition when it comes to sports! It seems while Trump continues to implode both the Gophers and the Vikings find more strength.

Check back for a  follow up story. If you want more on Luke & Kate add your request the comments below for consideration.

Following Up

Early on I mention co-workers and “the self” in my list of studies however, both of these are a work in progress so please check back for the follow up piece. I can assure you it will be worth the read and so I will not leave you hanging.

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  1. I feel for Luke and his willingness to fight for the Gopher Hockey Team along with our beloved Vikings! I too would do nearly anything for love and for the perfect season!

  2. I just love this story about Luke and Kate! You most certainly should write a follow up for all of us.. I know I’d read more about those 2 love birds! ha!

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