How to Customize Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Summary: There are plenty of techniques to customize your breast augmentation procedure that your plastic surgeon can deploy. After all, that’s the whole purpose of the surgery: to generate a result that’s perfect for you. But that means that you, as a patient, need to be as clear as possible about what you want and what your goals might look like.

Some Ways for You to Customize Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

When it comes to plastic surgery, you want to make sure you’re getting results that are personalized to you and your body. That’s the whole point, right? That’s why your surgeon is probably going to prompt you for information. And there are definitely some techniques to customize your breast augmentation procedure that are available.

Those techniques will depend largely on your desired preferences, on how you want to look and feel when the procedure is all said and done. The way your results will look will depend in part on selections and choices you make throughout the surgical and pre-surgical process.

You won’t be making those choices alone, of course. Your surgeon will be there to provide information and guide you towards those decisions that are most likely to generate a good result. It’s important that patients have a surgeon they can count on–someone who will provide enough experience and expertise to ensure that the best possible outcomes can be achieved. Breast augmentation is very often about body transformation, so finding a surgeon who understands how the proportions of the body relate to one another (and has the experience to achieve that) can be paramount. An informed patient is part of that. So knowing which techniques to customize your breast augmentation procedure you might need to choose from can only help you in the long run.

Selecting Your Implant Type

The first and perhaps most important step in your breast augmentation customization process is the selection of your breast implant type. Generally, there are three broad types of implants available to patients:

  • Saline implants are composed primarily of what is essentially salt water. These implants do not give patients the most natural looking implants, but they do have several advantages. First, they can be more easily manipulated during the implantation surgery, allowing for a small incision. Second, if the implant ruptures, the saline will be harmlessly absorbed into the body.
  • Silicone implants are the preferred implants of surgeons and most patients (in most circumstances). Silicone looks and feels quite natural and they have excellent protections against the very rare rupture. Silicone implants tend to look better, last longer, and leave patients more satisfied over the long run. There are also several options when it comes to the type of silicone implant employed, so patients have even more options.
  • Fat graft implants are still relatively novel, so many surgeons don’t offer them. The idea behind them is pretty simple: take fat from somewhere that it isn’t wanted (such as the tummy) and put it where it is wanted (in this case, the breasts). The problem is that the fat graft isn’t necessarily reliable. Some of the fat transferred to the breasts will not take to its new home, but it’s difficult to tell precisely how much fat will take. That’s why, if this is your preferred breast augmentation method, it’s good to see a surgeon who is very experienced in such procedures.

Selecting the Shape of Your Implant

You might not know this, but breast implants can come in various shapes. The two most common categories of shapes tend to be spherical and teardrop. There are advantages to each shape, but it’s up to the surgeon and the patient to determine which implant shape would be the best.

Shape can have a lot of impact on the overall results of the breast augmentation. Spherical shapes tend not to look the most natural, but they do tend to be favored by some patients who prefer the aesthetic presentation. Teardrop shaped implants are the most common and tend to yield the most natural-looking results. Whether that’s what you want or not might determine whether a teardrop shape is right for you.

Selecting the Perfect Size for Your Implant

The other major factor you’ll have to settle on when it comes to customizing your breast augmentation procedure is the size of your implants. Your surgeon will probably be able to recommend a size that fits with your frame and your proportions. But only you will be able to determine whether that’s something that works for you or not.

There are some patients who will want larger implants and some patients who will want smaller implants. Likewise, not all patients will want two implants of the same size, as breast augmentation is often used as a way of correcting asymmetrical breasts.

In any case, as with all of these techniques that will customize your breast augmentation procedure, it’s important that you discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon so you can have the best possible chance at an optimal result. What that result looks like will likely depend on you and your desires, so be sure you articulate your goals. These techniques to customize your breast augmentation procedure are really just steps in the process.

But the goal is patient satisfaction.

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