The Best Worst Candidates for President 2016

While creating my friend and colleague Dan V. and I engaged in more than one spirited, yet responsible discussion about America’s favorite presidential candidates. So, with that in mind, I’m certain Dan and I will continue to keep each other in check while writing political pieces for our readers who share a guilty pleasure for a few punches just above the belt.

*BEWARE: while I have a great deal of respect for Dan V, I certainly DO NOT love the idea of Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman to be seated in the oval office. Does anyone else have a picture in their head for the portrait that will forever be hung on the walls of the White House?

hillary's white house portrait

Well this week we finished up the third and final installment of  “Trump vs Clinton / Liberal Media.” At least in debate no. 3 Trump didn’t have to keep his eye on the moderator(s) for sucker punch. However, he still had to go up against himself and lately that’s been a losing fight.

Trump vs Trump

Donald Trump, no doubt, has had plenty to overcome in this election cycle, but nobody can blame Hillary Clinton, the moderators, the media or the neighbor’s dog for how he continues to shoot himself in the foot! If Trump’s interior decorator has any hope of dipping the oval office in 14K gold come January the Don will need to prosecute the case against Hillary and keep his back off the ropes in these final weeks.

Some Advice for Donald In Case of a 4th Debate

Every time Hillary Clinton would take a position on policy that night, Trump should kindly ask her if that is her “public or private position”. For those of you who don’t understand that advice take a look at this link:  Oh, and her lame excuse that she was referring to the movie Lincoln is just another shady dodge from the truth.

More friendly advice for Trump:

  • Don’t interrupt Hillary over and over! Remember how Tim Kaine came off using that approach?
  • Stop wasting valuable debate time trying to explain away your “locker room banter” or any other disgusting comments you’ve made along the way. Focus on the issues and how you will make American Great Again.
  • Get specific!
  • If the opportunity should arise – give a heartfelt apology with no strings attached or disclaimers for the audience to consider before accepting said apology.
  • Be inclusive of all Americans! Describe how a Trump administration would make life better for minority groups. Don’t just say “what do you have to lose?” I understand the Democrats haven’t completely leveled the playing field for minorities over the years but help us understand where you might make a direct impact in the lives of minorities aside from bringing jobs back to America by way of “Great Deals.”
  • Bring your tax returns and explain them in your own defense before the media explains them for you. Not likely to happen but would be a pretty cool stunt! I guy can dream.

Why Trump & Not Clinton?

I, like many americans, am absolutely sick of the political elite and my BS detector goes off when it comes to Hillary Clinton (To be fair it goes off around Trump sometimes as well but for much different reasons). Donald Trump may not be the best choice to lead the free world but when the system provides us with Hillary Clinton as our only option aside from Trump what are we to do? Right now the only reason I can find to raise my hand for Hillary is because she understands the threat of Global Warming (Still waiting to hear how she’s going to fight this problem IN DETAIL). Anyone who denies Global Warming simply hasn’t done their homework or is in bed with the wrong interest groups.

That said, I can’t vote for someone who claims to have given her life to public service while using her time in public office to line her and her husband’s pockets with millions and millions of dollars! Does this bother anyone else at all? And if I’m wrong please tell me how the Clintons became so wealthy after leaving the white house “broke.”  Does it bother anyone voting for Hillary that she or her foundation accepts MILLIONS of dollars from countries who treat women like 2nd class citizens (to be nice) yet claims to be a champion for women?!  Hillary had absolutely no answer for that question during this last debate. If that doesn’t bother you then nothing will. It won’t bother you that she lied over and over about her e-mail scandal and had her staff go to great lengths to destroy evidence! Evidence that was supposed to only contain material about yoga classes and her daughter’s wedding.. really?

I could keep going and going on why Hillary rubs me wrong but I would be remiss if I didn’t balance this article with some thoughts on Trump.

Donald is certainly a bit thin skinned and needs to focus on policy over twitter.  I don’t think anyone finds him presidential when he takes credit for everything aside from what God has created. While he might be a great father to what seem to be pretty solid children, and a good friend to those he keeps in his company; the man was built without a filter! Much of what he says, while entertaining to some, is cause for concern for most. A president needs to be thoughtful and someone our children can aspire to be more like and unfortunately Trump doesn’t meet the bar of expectation for such a man of character. Do we feel comfortable with him in the oval office? Can you picture his portrait forever on the walls of the White House?

trump white house portrait

If we are all being honest, both sides should be shaking their heads at the candidate they currently support. From this point forward I hope we all start judging both Trump and Clinton at face value and stop saying “But what about ___ insert name”. The truth is both of them have done plenty that is disgusting on it’s own head and we don’t need to compare one’s actions against the other. However it won’t stop for another 3 weeks.
This piece is running long but I’m happy to continue part 2 after reading my colleague’s piece in response.

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    1. Thanks Dan for leaving that link! I was looking for Hillary to go into some kind of detail on Global Warming during this last debate as it’s very important to all of us! Unfortunately not enough people take the time to find Hillary or Trump’s websites to do their homework.. Rather, they rely heavily on their speeches and interviews on whatever network suits their position. And just for the record – I believe Global Warming to be one the most important issues facing the world today! In fact, I’ve felt that way since about 2007.

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